Daily card – Thursday 23rd September 2021

Deck Used: Moonology – By Yasmin Boland Card Drawn: Fixed Moon – Hold Your Vision There are two possible interpretations to this card. The first is that you need to stand firm in whatever situation you find yourself. The second very different interpretation is that something is stuck. That could well refer to the situationContinue reading “Daily card – Thursday 23rd September 2021”


Today will always be today, Though each day will be different to the last, Take each day and no matter what may happen, find the joy, peace and lesson within, For whilst each day will change with every decision or choice that you make! Today will always be today! Embrace each day with truth, loveContinue reading “Today”

Daily Card Tuesday 21st September 2021

Card Deck Used Moonology Oracle – by Jasmin Boland Card drawn: Full Moon in Cancer With this being the full moon card it is a time of tension, whatever your issues agave been of late, especially if connected to home or family life this is a sign of everything coming to ahead and you findingContinue reading “Daily Card Tuesday 21st September 2021”

Daily Card – Wednesday 15th September 2021

Card Deck used: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards – By Tori Hartman Card Drawn: Prayer Todays card is telling me that some of you out there have been praying for that change to come, Be this for a new Job, new home, new relationship? Life can be as sweet lemons, and the turning up of thisContinue reading “Daily Card – Wednesday 15th September 2021”

Daily Card – Tuesday 14th September 2021

Card Deck: Mah Jongg Oracle – By Derek Walters Card Drawn: Unicorn So do you see things happen before they do? do you feel or use your intuition, this Cards represents someone with the gift of Clairvoyant, but more so shows a keen intuition that allowsa person to keep one step ahead of there rivals,Continue reading “Daily Card – Tuesday 14th September 2021”

Daily Card – Thursday 9th September 2021

Card deck Used: Healing with the Angels – By Doreen Virtue Card Drawn: Spiritual Growth This is a new time of your Spiritual Growth, and during this period you are going to feel many different emotions, confusion, excitement, fear, and wonder, you will wish that you could read, study or even just meditate all theContinue reading “Daily Card – Thursday 9th September 2021”

Daily card – Tuesday 7th September 2021

Card Deck used: Spirit Animal Oracle – By Colette Baron-Reid Card Drawn: Panther Spirit – “Reclaim your Power” Todays card is the Panther Spirit here to guide you and tell you that it is time for the true self to emerge, it is time for you to step forward, be bold and be brave, startContinue reading “Daily card – Tuesday 7th September 2021”

Daily Card – Friday 3rd September 2021

Card Deck used: Healing with the Angels – By Doreen Virtue Card Drawn: Romance Feeling like something is missing in your life at the moment? Well the Romance card is telling you that something is coming into your life right now, send your thoughts out to your Guides or Angels now and ask them forContinue reading “Daily Card – Friday 3rd September 2021”

Daily Card – Wednesday 1st September 2021

Hi Everyone, my apologies for not posting the last couple of day the Bank Holiday got away with me, I hope you are al well, welcome to September and to start the Month of I have beautiful Angel Guidance Card for you all. I hope this Card reaches out to you and offers some guidanceContinue reading “Daily Card – Wednesday 1st September 2021”

Daily Card – Thursday 26th August 2021

Card deck Used: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards – By Tori Hartman Card Drawn: Insecurity Today’s card is Insecurity, and right now it is fear that is stopping you, its that inner demon in all of us that calls out to you that you cannot succeed or you should not go that way or that justContinue reading “Daily Card – Thursday 26th August 2021”