Daily Card – Monday 9th August 2021

Deck: Moonology – Oracle Cards – By Yasmin Boland Card Drawn: Full Moon in Leo – Don’t let your pride get in the way Happy Monday everyone, today’s card is the Full Moon in Leo, Symbolized here by the Lion, the full moon is completion period, so something around is coming to an end, TheContinue reading “Daily Card – Monday 9th August 2021”

Daily card – Friday 6th August

Today’s Card: Full Moon in Sagittarius – Look at the Bigger Picture So as we arrive at the climax or end of the week, and a week that has been full of New beginnings or at least showing that they are coming, we Have here a full moon card which in itself means that weContinue reading “Daily card – Friday 6th August”

Card of the Day – 5th August 2021

Card Drawn – New Moon In Aquarius – Bring Love into the Situation. What a lovely card today, Aquarius is about Moving forward, and now is the time, The New Moon in Aquarius Card means “there is no looking back”, change is on its way it can come quickly. Whether you get the change youContinue reading “Card of the Day – 5th August 2021”

Card of the Day – 4th August 202

Good Morning friends, I hope all is well, today I thought I would bring a little Angel Healing to you all, from the Card Oracle Deck ” Healing with the Angels” By Doreen Virtue. Card Drawn: Abundance A new Flow of support is coming for you now, It is time to ask the Angels toContinue reading “Card of the Day – 4th August 202”

Daily Card – 3rd August 2021

Card: Full Moon In Scorpio – “Its time to release negativity” Today’s card is very appropriate at this time, especially with all that has gone this past year, so much negativity has been allowed to build up and now is the time to let go of this, Allowing your emotions out rather than holding themContinue reading “Daily Card – 3rd August 2021”

Monday 2nd August 2021 – Card of the Day

Today’s Card of the Day – Full Moon in Virgo – ‘You are good enough’ Today’s card is the Full Moon in Virgo, with this card You are told that “You are good Enough” . The feeling with this card today is about not trusting or believing yourself and what you are capable off, forContinue reading “Monday 2nd August 2021 – Card of the Day”

psychic reading for the weekend

So this weekend is about taking it easy it is a time to relax and release the things that are no good to you at this time. With the full moon coming upon us this can be a tense and trying time for some, so try not to ponder on your thoughts to much thisContinue reading “psychic reading for the weekend”

Daily Card – 31st July 2020

Card Drawn – Third Quarter Moon – Adjustments are required Yes you are nearly there, this part of your journey is nearing its conclusion as we reach the third quarter moon. Whether this has been a good or bad time there is a light at the end of the tunnel as we enter this phase.Continue reading “Daily Card – 31st July 2020”

Daily Card – 30th July 2020

Card drawn – Balsamic Moon – A time for healing Today the Moon cards are saying that it is now a time to heal before making your next forward, ensure that you are totally healed and dealt with what needs dealing with, do not paper over the cracks or simply pretend that all is ok.Continue reading “Daily Card – 30th July 2020”

Daily Card – 27th July 2020

Firstly please accept my apologies for no post on Friday, My daily work has been keeping more than busy his last week. I look forward to delivering your daily cards this week, and hope that you are safe and well. So here is today’s card: Card drawn: Full Moon in Leo – Don’t let prideContinue reading “Daily Card – 27th July 2020”