Focus only on the moment within today. For only in the moment do we truly see the true way forward. Worry not for tomorrow, or even for the next moment for only in the moment do we see what today has to offer. Worry not for tomorrow or you will miss all that Today hasContinue reading “Today”

psychic reading for the weekend

So this weekend is about taking it easy it is a time to relax and release the things that are no good to you at this time. With the full moon coming upon us this can be a tense and trying time for some, so try not to ponder on your thoughts to much thisContinue reading “psychic reading for the weekend”

Daily Card – 27th July 2020

Firstly please accept my apologies for no post on Friday, My daily work has been keeping more than busy his last week. I look forward to delivering your daily cards this week, and hope that you are safe and well. So here is today’s card: Card drawn: Full Moon in Leo – Don’t let prideContinue reading “Daily Card – 27th July 2020”

Daily Card – 22nd July 2020

Card – New Moon in Aquarius – Bring love into the situation The cards are really concerning new starts this week, and maybe this is after the current situation in the world that people are looking more closely at their lives and how they can change them. This card is particularly significant in that itContinue reading “Daily Card – 22nd July 2020”

Daily Card – 21st July 2020

Card – New Moon in Virgo – A time to give rather than take So the card is a New moon card which always reveals new starts or beginnings , new chapters. With the new moon in Virgo the Moon is telling you today that time for thinking and that you now need to takeContinue reading “Daily Card – 21st July 2020”

A Quick notice

Good Evening everyone, well I hope you have enjoyed my very first Cards of the day the last couple of days, I had fun setting this up for you, and am looking forward to see your likes comments and shares of these daily card readings on my Facebook page. Always remember these are for entertainmentContinue reading “A Quick notice”

Daily Card – 15th July 2020

Card: Full Moon Eclipse – Conclusions are within reach This card is a particularly beautiful one, showing the moon peeking through the trees, I see this as you coming through a difficult time, the full moon shows us the end of one phase of our lives the darker colours on the moon clearing away asContinue reading “Daily Card – 15th July 2020”

Daily Card – 14th July 2020

Card: Full Moon in Sagittarius – Look at the bigger picture, So the card I have been drawn to today is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, this card is all about spending to much time thinking about things and not making decisions, maybe fretting over the situation just that bit too much. Now is notContinue reading “Daily Card – 14th July 2020”

Daily Cards are arriving on Monday 13th July

So as promised I am now ready to start posting my daily card reading from my Moonology Oracle Card set, these cards are made by a Lady called Yasmin Boland. These cards are a beautiful set and i am enjoying very much working with them as I practice and get my energies use to workingContinue reading “Daily Cards are arriving on Monday 13th July”