Daily Card – 16th July 2020

Card Drawn: North Node – Step out of your comfort zone

The North Node is where the moon enters the northern most hemisphere, this is karmic point a time when you can find the answers to your questions, see what we need to do and where we need to go, to find happiness and satisfaction and fulfilment.

On drawing this card I feel strongly that a lot has been happening of late around you, changes have been going on in your life and I feel many of these changes have been out of your control. The North Node is telling you that you are heading in the right direction, you need to stop being worried and afraid for what is to come and where you are going. For many of of you of late you have been seeking your way and wanting to fulfill your true life purpose, maybe its our dreams or wishes for our life that make us afraid of how we are going to achieve these, well today is the day to step out of this fear, to achieve our dreams and desires we need to set aside our fears and worries, we need to be bold and strong and “Step out of our comfort zone”, it is all to easy in life to stay where we are, as even though it may not be what we want or need, it at least feels safe and secure we know this place and time, it is like an old friend that comforts us, but this is what holds us back from our goals.

It is time to stop depending on others and stand on your own two feet, let go of the past, the North Node card comes to day to tell you that something good is happening around and this may lead you to your destiny.

Change can always be difficult to accept, but we need to embrace it to allow ourselves to grow. Know that by stepping out of your comfort zone you are heading in the right direction.

Blessed be xx

I Am…

I am the trees and the earth,

I am the moon and the stars above,

I am the night sky,

I am the link between this world and the Spirit realm,

I am the the person in the street,

I am the smile that you saw as I passed you by,

I know I am these things as I am Spirit,

I am a Living soul, and the light of the Divine shines within me,

I am love and light, a breath of wind, a part of the Divine source,

Most important of all I am me.

Author – John Phillips, 16th July 2020

Blessed be xx

A Quick notice

Good Evening everyone, well I hope you have enjoyed my very first Cards of the day the last couple of days, I had fun setting this up for you, and am looking forward to see your likes comments and shares of these daily card readings on my Facebook page.

Always remember these are for entertainment purposes, and whilst you may be able to take something from them some days you may not, however maybe some one close could take what is said, so please do share, I just hope i can offer an insight and some words of comfort to you when you read these.

Well I hope you have all had a lovely day and I wish you all a peaceful evening. Tomorrows daily card will be published at 9am.

Blessed be friends xx

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Daily Card – 15th July 2020

Card: Full Moon Eclipse – Conclusions are within reach

This card is a particularly beautiful one, showing the moon peeking through the trees, I see this as you coming through a difficult time, the full moon shows us the end of one phase of our lives the darker colours on the moon clearing away as the beautiful colours of Spirit and the universe come through on the lower edges.

This card does highlight doors now slamming closed on us and these will not be re-opened, I feel here I need to say: “so no turning back leave the past where it belongs”.

This is your current situation reaching its peak, and this now leaves matters out of your control, this is now the time to let matters run there course, this also lets you experience what your soul signed up for in this lifetime. It is time to let go of someone or something and no matter how difficult this maybe just know that this is the right thing to do. In a difficult situation finding forgiveness for someone may well be the best thing to resolve matters right now. it is time to release yourself so as you can move on.

Soto day is the day to get back track, the full moon eclipse makes the energy of this card even more powerful, as the card suggests events are at their conclusion now and this full moon energy is really going to shake things up for you.

We all fear change and this can only hold us back from our true life paths this card is releasing control and letting yourself be guided today to this path.

Life will always find its way to bring us back to where we belong, embrace this change and move forwards to your true life path.

No matter what happens today, remember this is a day of change, embrace and love the change.

Mantra to attune to Moon:

“That which is meant for me will not pass me by” – Yasmin Boland

Wishing you all love, peace and happiness today.

Blessed be Friends xx

Love and Light forever

Daily Card – 14th July 2020

Card: Full Moon in Sagittarius – Look at the bigger picture,

So the card I have been drawn to today is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, this card is all about spending to much time thinking about things and not making decisions, maybe fretting over the situation just that bit too much. Now is not the moment to waste time as you are coming to an end of one cycle, and a New cycle or phase is just within reach, and fretting over this will only delay you and hold you back.

This card being a Sagittarius Moon means that this can be a very intense time, with this card being one of the fire signs, it is time to step back and look at the bigger picture, look at all the options with new eyes and see from a distance the bigger things that the universe is offering you right now, as when we spend to much time thinking and fretting over a situation this becomes counter productive. Count your blessings right now and keep an open mind as the universe may surprise you. Be confident but not over confident do not loose yourself within your own Ego.

The Full moon in Sagittarius is also telling me that it is time for new adventures and what a time to take a step out of your comfort zone. This can be a great time now for a mini break also. Seek and you will find comes to mind with this card.

As I meditated last night and I saw this Card I was drawn to one of you who at this Moment is contemplating a move, yet you seem to be unsure as to why you really want to move as when you think about this you see that you really are happy with your current circumstances and position in life. This is where you really need to sit quietly think about the bigger picture as shown in this card, ask yourself where the need to move is coming from? what is the most positive thing that could come from moving? also see if this need is your gut instincts telling you that it is time, when we know this is our gut instinct then this can often be the universe opening up to us and letting us know that something new is coming for us and that it is us that must make that vital decision one way or another.

I wish you all well friends wherever this new phase may take you.

Blessed be xx

Card of the Day – July 13th 2020

Cardinal Moon – Be Bold and Make the First Move

This is the time for you to be strong and take lead in your life. The cardinal moon is a sign of power and taking charge of great organisation and of being determined.

It is now time for you to be all these things, there is nothing holding you back but yourself, so now you need to take control of things to ensure the result the you most desire, you must be strong and not allow yourself to be led by others, however you must ensure not to be reckless or rush things, you know what you must do so take your time and ensure things are going to go the way you want them to. This may even mean that it is time to step out of your comfort zone, the Cardinal Moon being one of the Special Moons suggests that we can expect the unexpected, something happening that stands out to us.

Maybe some of you have been holding back, be this in a relationship or work situation, this card is telling you now to take control, remember only you can change that which you feel unhappy with or make those first steps to create the life that you now want. This card also suggests to be bold and follow your heart and emotions.

Take charge of your destiny.

Blessed be xx

Daily Cards are arriving on Monday 13th July

So as promised I am now ready to start posting my daily card reading from my Moonology Oracle Card set, these cards are made by a Lady called Yasmin Boland. These cards are a beautiful set and i am enjoying very much working with them as I practice and get my energies use to working with them.

The Moon plays an essential part in all our lives whether we notice this or not, these cards based on the phases of the moon give an amazing insight into the current events controlling our lives.

I cannot wait to share these with you on a daily basis, I May also throw in the Occasional Mah Jong card to keep things a little more interesting and will explain a little more on these another time.

So watch out for the very first Card coming up on Monday 13th July 2020, and what an amazing date to start :).

I will also be bringing these into mainstream use, hopefully really soon, I just need to work with them a little more so as I can pass on their message as clearly as possible to my sitters. More news on these readings very soon.

Blessed be friends xx

Mother Earth

Today, lets take a moment from all that we are doing. Close our eyes and gently breathe, picture our beautiful Mother Earth in your Mind and all the beauty that she gives us, let go of all that is going on around us in this moment, and see the divine beauty and Love that is all around us.

Allow yourself to feel that love come from the ground and fill every fibre of your being. See your Heart Chakra light up in the most amazing colour of green, and allow this to flow outwards into this world of ours and connect with our Divine Mother Earth.

Sit in this Divine energy and just allow yourself to be at one with yourself and with everything that this Earth has to offer us.

Feel the warmth and Love of this moment and carry this into your day.

Blessed Be xx

True Faith

When we start to have true faith in Spirit, then a bit at a time we start to see the wonderful and amazing things that Spirit can do.

Each day, one day at a time, move only forward and let go of all that has been.

learn to love the good and the bad, embrace yourself and all that you are becoming, see the difference in each day.

Blessed be xx

The Love within

If we could all but only awaken each morning and take just a few moments to sit in the quiet of our own souls. See within our hearts as we release that one little drop of love into the universe, and if this came from all of us then we would see the effects of our thoughts of love grow throughout this world of ours.

If we could just take this moment in the day to look within and allow the ripple of our love to go out into this world then we would finally see the change that we all wish for, truly begin to happen.

So from today start your day from within and release your little drop Love, allow the love within you to flow into the world, see the Change and become the change. For all that we are comes from the Love within.

Blessed Be xx