Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

No, of course you cannot hear me, you cannot know me,

As I cannot hear you and cannot know you,

For what I hear is my soul finally merging to become one with the physical self,

Finally I feel and hear my soul singing, I feel the exuberance that is within me that which I have hampered with total negativity,

Can you hear me?

No, for what I hear is my soul guiding me and radiating the love from within me,

Can you hear me?

Not yet, for I am only releasing my love and light into this world,

One day it radiates out and touches all those who need it,

For I will send this love into the universe, to radiate, to bring love and peace to your soul,to help light the spark,

I will join all those who have awoken to themselves to their true selves,

And the power and love of spirit will shine from within for all,

Can you hear me?

No, but you hear something, it radiates from within you,

Your first contact with your true self begins,

For the light has been lit,

There is no way back now,

You now must follow the light from within,

Listen closely, be still and quiet and allow your soul, your inner being to emerge and grow,

For you too are light and love,

Feel the love around you, let it grow and merge,

From this moment, everything will change,

Can you hear me?

Yes, now you hear me, now you know me, now you understand me,

For we are all one, ever changing ever growing,

Spreading love and light wherever we go,

Do not fight just let it grow,

Do not rush, for it will come in its own time,

Enjoy every moment, enjoy every day as you start to see and feel things so differently,

For the love of our own self is one of the greatest lessons we can learn,

To love ourselves we need to listen, we need to hear our inner self, our soul,

Listen carefully, its there in all of us, we just have to listen.

Now you know, Now you truly feel, Now you truly are you.

Blessed be xx

John Phillips – 19th February 2021


Focus only on the moment within today. For only in the moment do we truly see the true way forward.

Worry not for tomorrow, or even for the next moment for only in the moment do we see what today has to offer.

Worry not for tomorrow or you will miss all that Today has to offer.

Blessed be xx

In love and light always.

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psychic reading for the weekend

So this weekend is about taking it easy it is a time to relax and release the things that are no good to you at this time. With the full moon coming upon us this can be a tense and trying time for some, so try not to ponder on your thoughts to much this weekend. As you relax and let go of the tension things will become a lot clearer for you now.

Take care of yourself, mind body and soul, a trip out or a walk in nature is called for, let yourself feel the freedom that this time has to offer.

Blessed be xx

Daily Card – 31st July 2020

Card Drawn – Third Quarter Moon – Adjustments are required

Yes you are nearly there, this part of your journey is nearing its conclusion as we reach the third quarter moon. Whether this has been a good or bad time there is a light at the end of the tunnel as we enter this phase. I feel very strongly here that people who have been ill of late need to be looking at certain of health and diet at the moment , with this card showing need for adjustments.

For some you of you today you really need to release that negative energy that is holding you back, try to see today what it is and let if go into the ether, as only when you do this can you truly move forward, you need to see tat you cannot take this with you. Releasing of past events is essential as you move into this period of your life. be aware of a crisis around at the moment as well that will also remind of you what you want and what it is you need to let go off.

If things have not been going your way now is the time to re evaluate your plans also, the doors open for us only when we start to listen and see where it is that the universe is trying to lead you.

The great news is that something New and Exciting is on its way, and you will get there just be patient and allow time. Now is the time to follow your inner self allow doubts and fears to slip away, see what you have achieved already in life and see where you want to be.

” no matter when this card is drawn the teaching is to release and have faith” – Yasmin Boland – Moonology Oracle

Love and Light friends

Blessed be xx

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Daily Card – 30th July 2020

Card drawn – Balsamic Moon – A time for healing

Today the Moon cards are saying that it is now a time to heal before making your next forward, ensure that you are totally healed and dealt with what needs dealing with, do not paper over the cracks or simply pretend that all is ok.

The Balsamic moon is the period before the new moon begins and new starts are near now. Let go of the past, and as above take the time you need to heal and release all that you are holding in. You need to remind yourself today that anything is possible and to continue to believe in your dreams.

The balsamic Moons is a time to surrender to the universe and allow the guidance you need to come from the universe.

You also need to be a little bit kinder to yourself, stop beating yourself up and begin so hard on yourself, everything is as it should be, just allow the time to heal and you will begin to see the change you need start to happen.

The significance really here today is to Heal, in all ways that are needed, not just physically.

May the light of the divine shine upon you today as you take this time for yourself.

Blessed be xx

Daily Card – 27th July 2020

Firstly please accept my apologies for no post on Friday, My daily work has been keeping more than busy his last week. I look forward to delivering your daily cards this week, and hope that you are safe and well. So here is today’s card:

Card drawn: Full Moon in Leo – Don’t let pride get in the way!

Today you need to ask yourself has your pride been getting in the way of where you want to be and what you want to achieve, The Full moon in Leo shows that pride can become an obstacle, and that you need to ask yourself are you making choices based on ego or from your heart?

The decisions we make should always come from our heart and not from a place of Ego or pride, this card is telling you that you must take this time to find balance between your needs and the needs of others, by working in Ego we tend to neglect the bigger picture and the needs of those who maybe need us at this time.

If you are currently feeling in a deadlock in a situation in your life whether this be personal or work related then it is time to add more Love and thought to resolve this dilemma.

Today is a day to be confident but to not allow this confidence to turn to Ego or vanity, you can achieve what you need, just by recognizing your own ability and power in this matter.

For those of you with creative talents then today is a good day to work on your creativity, you maybe surprised by what you achieve today.

“Be Magnificent, without being plain to much” – Yasmin Boland – Author Moonology Oracle

May this new day be one of love and happiness.

Blessed be xx

Daily Card – 23rd July 2020

Well I thought I would go with a different card deck today, and I have been guided to use my Mah Jong deck, these are cards based in the Ancient Chinese Game, which also became used to tell ones fortunes. (Deck – Mah Jong The Oracle and Game by Derek Walters)

Card drawn – 2 – Duck

Description – The Chinese believed that a Pair of Ducks remained together for life so the symbolism here is a long and enduring partnership. It is the ideal response to anyone inquiring about their romantic relationships and in business it represents a strong partnership.

I actually had this card in my mind before drawing it from my shuffled pack today, and felt drawn to the fact that somewhere questions in regards to either a current or new relationship are being asked. The drawing of the duck is almost always a positive sign in any relationship but in a full reading would be dependent on other cards drawn in the reading.

My feeling here is that for those who are currently not involved or maybe have recently met someone new that the Ducks are showing that a strong and lasting relationship can develop if given a chance.

For those who are single then the Duck shows that a new relationship is imminent, but I would stress at this time do not go looking for this allow this to happen in its own time, I have a strong feeling of a need to rush, an almost overwhelming feeling of time being an issue, but i need to stress to slow down and allow this to come to you, it is on its way and as the old saying ” Good things come to those who wait” .

For those of you already in a relationship then, I would say now is the time to look deeper at what you have, maybe now is not the time to make any rash decisions, the duck shows a strong and enduring relationship, and maybe other things are being allowed to get in the way at the moment.

In business or work related matters I want to say to you, now is a good time to be looking at forming a new partnership, follow your gut and you cannot go wrong here.

Today I want to say is day of relationships forming and creating new bonds whether that be of a romantic nature or business related.

No matter what you do today, do it with an open heart and remember you have time, and there is no need to rush anything, keep your eyes open and trust your instincts.

Blessed be xx

Daily Card – 22nd July 2020

Card – New Moon in Aquarius – Bring love into the situation

The cards are really concerning new starts this week, and maybe this is after the current situation in the world that people are looking more closely at their lives and how they can change them.

This card is particularly significant in that it indicates changes to be made, but without help of others you must do this of your own back, however, the card does show that it is whom you know and not what you know that matters right now.

This card is the Aquarius card the water bearer and one of the Air signs, the cards shows the water bearer and water flowing from her jar, this gives me strong feeling of flowing energy around you at the moment that you need to tap into, feel the change in the air with this card. This card also show that it is time to drop convention, think outside of the box, but with all things but especially with this card any decisions you make now make with love and not through fear. Allow the love in and see the how different these changes can really be that are happening around you.

Look to your future as this is the a new chapter the New Moon is always about change and new beginnings in life and this is real period of change.

“bring Love into the situation by firstly loving yourself, then see the change around you and what you can attract”.

Blessed be Friends I wish you all an amazing day today as you look towards the future with an open mind and heart full of love.

Blessed be xx

Daily Card – 21st July 2020

Card – New Moon in Virgo – A time to give rather than take

So the card is a New moon card which always reveals new starts or beginnings , new chapters. With the new moon in Virgo the Moon is telling you today that time for thinking and that you now need to take stock and that it is time for a new start. Where are you now?, where are you at? these are the questions that this card gives right now with life. Your new start does not have to be difficult, and this card is telling you to make it smart but simple right now.

I feel for some of you right now you have been wandering how to achieve new things in life and as the New Moon in Virgo shows this is about giving of ourselves, for as we give out of ourselves the universe naturally gives back to us that which we need and even desire or want, For those of you who have been ill of late this cards shows that your health is now on an up, and that recovery is seen with this card being drawn.

It is time for some today to be thinking of Healthier living, alternative lifestyles, new ways of eating, bringing these into your daily lives as new routines in your life.

Today is also a day of being grounded, taking your head of the clouds and finding the stability that the day has to offer you.

For those of you who today are wandering about new person in your life then this card reveals them to be a person you can rely upon, so why not dip your toe into this new relationship, this could even be a working relationship not just a romantic one.

No matter how you awoke this morning, then today is about the belief in your ability to move your life forward in a totally new way.

“Reach for the stars for sometimes they are closer than you think” – John Phillips

Blessed be friends xx

Daily Card – 20th July 2020

Card – Disseminating Moon – Take Time to Breathe out.

Well this card I feel is very apt at this moment time for most after the previous few months of uncertainty and the changes that have been happening for a lot of people this year. This card is the phase of the moon as it leaves the full moon cycle, and it is a time to relax and calm yourself, a time to let go of all that has been happening especially when the changes have affected you on a personal level. The intensity of the full moon phase is over and you need to now re group and allow yourself time to take in all that has been happening good or bad. Even if events have not been good of late I feel with this card that you should now be taking this time to recognize just how you have survived and come through this period and the effects that this has had on you and also the changes that can now take place in your life.

As the card says “Take Time out to breathe”, with this card you should now know where you stand or will do very soon with a certain situation in your life at this moment. Even consider taking some time away for yourself even if this is just a walk into nature make it a moment just for you today.

Avoid making any decisions today, today is about learning from your experiences, this is also a day to share some of your wisdom with someone who really needs some advice and guidance.

Whatever you decide today make it a time to really let go and relax, take that big sigh of relief, and do something especially for you.

May the light of the moon shine upon you today.

Blessed be xx