Welcome to my website, and into my world of Spiritist work. I am a Medium of 20 plus years, and have been working hard over these years to constantly improve both my confidence in my abilities and my Faith in Spirit world, and also my delivery of my mediumship to any sitter, so as to ensure that at all times I am delivering the best of Spirit and allowing Spirit to bring through their messages of love and hope to you here on this plain. I am not affiliated to any Church or organisation choosing rather to stay totally independent as i feel the Spiritist pathway is one of individuality and following the Natural Laws of the great Spirit ( I will tell you more of my actual belief system in my blog pages). I do however attend different events and churches and I also sit in circle every week where myself and five others sit together to learn and develop with Spirit.

I believe that as a medium we are always developing and learning from every reading that we deliver and from every part of our lives, every day is a lesson if we are willing to open our minds and see it. When we take into account that every reading is an experiment, both for the medium and the Spirits that are trying to make contact and no reading is guaranteed from either side, but both Spirit and the Medium work to ensure that this will not be the case and that the message or messages are delivered as clearly and precisely as possible, as a medium I always aim to ensure that the evidence is of such a standard so as there can be no doubt in the sitters mind that they have truly spent time with their loved ones from the Spirit world.

What People Say

Susan Cheetham  recommends John Phillips Spirit Worker – Psychic and Medium.

2 June 2019 · 

I went to see John today with a totally closed mind. My visit was more of curiosity and I expected nothing.
I felt calm throughout the whole experience and I was not pushed or guided in any direction.
My grandfather came through. I didn’t get to see him again before he died suddenly in 1981. We were very close. He ran the household with a firm but fair hand and I idolised him. John told me things that no one else would know about him.

Sherry Drummonds Cody  recommends John Phillips Spirit Worker – Psychic and Medium.

11 August 2019 · 

I had a video reading this morning with John and couldn’t be happier,my grandmother came through and gave me a lot of advice that I needed to hear.john you have quite the gift and would recommend you to everyone wanting to reach the other side!

Tara A Christopher recommends John Phillips Spirit Worker – Psychic and Medium.

31 July 2019 · 

Video reading was awesome is kind compassionate as very accurate had me in tears and really heave me clarity on a lot of issues he takes his time An doesn’t rush at all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lets learn and grow in this life together, I look forward to working with you.

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