Daily card – Thursday 23rd September 2021

Deck Used: Moonology – By Yasmin Boland

Card Drawn: Fixed Moon – Hold Your Vision

There are two possible interpretations to this card. The first is that you need to stand firm in whatever situation you find yourself. The second very different interpretation is that something is stuck. That could well refer to the situation you’re in asking about. if that is the case, have a think about what you can do to grease the wheels so that events move forward. Are you being stubborn? If so then that’s good because if you really want things to change there’s a solution stop digging your heels in. be the one to break a deadlock. With two interpretations for the card, its up to you decide what’s going on and which meaning applies to you. this offers up a chance for some self reflection.

Faith or patience are needed now.

Blessed Be – One step at a time we find ourselves moving forward.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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