Daily Card – Wednesday 15th September 2021

Card Deck used: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards – By Tori Hartman

Card Drawn: Prayer

Todays card is telling me that some of you out there have been praying for that change to come, Be this for a new Job, new home, new relationship?

Life can be as sweet lemons, and the turning up of this card show that your prayers have been heard and are being listened too, however, this card shows two paths for you. One is peaceful quiet and contented and the other leads to more activity like the city shown in the card, this is the busy life the bustle of city life, choose carefully and see what it is you really need and not just what you want in life at this time. The Card drawn is also the Yellow Card this is the representative for the Sola plexus, the area that of psychic and intuitive energies, use this wisely to your advantage and feel the answer appear to you, I also feel here that you really already know that which you its is just the fear of making these changes that is holding you back.

Take you time and remember what ever your decision you can always change your mind. Just keep it in mind that your prayers are stronger than you think and guidance you need is now being offered to you. Now is the time to let go of control and allow your guides to guide you.

Blessed be – Pray not just for yourself but remember all those other who need a loving thought.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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