Daily card – Tuesday 7th September 2021

Card Deck used: Spirit Animal Oracle – By Colette Baron-Reid

Card Drawn: Panther Spirit – “Reclaim your Power”

Todays card is the Panther Spirit here to guide you and tell you that it is time for the true self to emerge, it is time for you to step forward, be bold and be brave, start to walk towards your dreams.

“Panther Spirit is here to give you the strength as you are braver than you think you are. Now is the time to take a risk and step into a different aspect of your being. Speak as you have never spoken before, act as you always dreamed to have the courage to do so, Love fearlessly and fully, expect to feel the adrenaline rush as you are initiated into a new braver, bolder self.”

It will feel strange and overwhelming at first as you make these first moves towards your new self, But have what it takes and your spirit needs this.

The time is now for you to begin to show who you truly are, acknowledge now your true self, and know that Panther Spirit is there with you, giving you the strength and encouragement that you need.

Blessed be – Go forward always in truth to your own self.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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