Daily Card – Wednesday 1st September 2021

Hi Everyone, my apologies for not posting the last couple of day the Bank Holiday got away with me, I hope you are al well, welcome to September and to start the Month of I have beautiful Angel Guidance Card for you all. I hope this Card reaches out to you and offers some guidance to your day – Blessed Be xx

Deck used: Healing with the Angels – By Doreen Virtue

Card Drawn: Serenity

This card comes in the most lovely Green, which always reminds me of the Heart and of love and of course peace and calm. Today is about finding that quiet and calm in your life, taking time to be out from your life even it is only for a few moments, Taking a walk and feeling the nature around you allowing your time so you can feel the Serenity around you, to see this as well, for in our busy and hectic lives we neglect to allow ourselves just to be. Now is the time to ask your Angels to bring your this Serenity to your life. With this card comes Peace of mind, the reassurance that everything no matter what you are going through at the moment, you are coming to a more peaceful and tranquil time in your life, reach out to your guides and Spirits/Angels and have faith that all you need is being taken care of, and that within yourself you will come to your own inner peace and serenity. As you reach towards this calm you will find everything today becoming more clear for you.

Blessed be – Rest in the faith that all is being taken care of now.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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