Daily Card – Wednesday 25th August 2021

Deck Used: Cakra Wisdom Oracle Cards – By Tori Hartman

Card Drawn: Soulmate

What is it that your are resisting now in your life, are you hiding you true feelings about someone or something at this time? The Soulmate card relates very much to you needing to understand and accept your true feelings now. The story to this card is of a Young man once again leaving his love, when she unexpectedly tells him that she “Loves Him” he realises within himself how he truly feels for her and in that moment he faces his true emotions his true inner self is revealed and he holds her again and this time finding a new freedom he never lets go.

This is not to say that this is you currently, but for some of you at this time it is about allowing your true feelings emerging and about facing them, for only when you do this and to allow yourself the freedom to see that which you desire or love. For some this is a scary or fearful time having to look deep inside and accept the feelings that you have held in for so long. It is time to awaken, the Soulmate card reveals to you the nature of your feelings. Through this facing of Feelings you will find a new freedom, to be truly who you are, and to accept into your life the new things that are awaiting you, the things that you could not see before now.

It is time to stop living a lie now, express to yourself your true self and again embrace the freedom in doing so. Pain is all part of this life by going through the pain we find our way to the light and the Love.

A new direction now awaits, do not fear and hold back, allow yourself to feel real love now.

Blessed be – only in our own truth can we find truth, only in our own love can we truly begin to love.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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