Daily Card – Tuesday 23rd August 2021

Deck Used: Moonology Oracle Cards – By Yasmin Boland

Card Drawn: South node – “Don’t let your past hold you back”

Have you been feeling that you are stuck at the moment in your life, be it a general situation, work, or relationship? Are you currently holding onto a life situation due to old ways, or conditioning, or because of a past hurt you feel its safer to stay where you are?

We all hold onto the past and sometimes in ways that we do not realise, this holding on to past hurts or life conditioning can be as a result of routine, and without your realisation you have found your self at an impasse, do you change direction not?

The South Node is showing you that letting go is your way forward but first you must also let go of the past situation or Life conditions that have been stopping you from achieving in your life that which you desire, these past things can affect your present ion more ways than you sometimes realise, now is the time to see this and begin to release the past so as you can be totally in the present, start yo live in the here and now.

Allow yourself some self reflection now. Allow yourself to let go and breath in the present. No is also the time to let go of obsession’s that may have overtaken you, thes earee Karmic and linked to the past.

As the book states – “The South Node is the Karmic astrological point that reminds us of the well known phrase ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got'”, so start now to make changes.

Blessed be – Let go and release yourself to be free

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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