Daily Card – Friday 20th August 2021

Card Deck Used: Chakra Wisdom Oracle – By Tori Hartman

Card drawn: Abundance

The times for some of you have been very difficult of late, trying to make ends meet, Not being able to see where the next penny is coming from, worrying about bills, or general day to day matters. The Abundance card shows us a man losing money through a drain, he has been n worried and stressed even drinking to try and forgot his troubles, however his money is found somewhere else by a young girl, the girl is receiving a gift of Abundance, if only the Man could see the good that has come from what he has lost rather than his loss.

Abundance is not just about money it is about what we have in our life that makes us feel Abundant, remember now to see no trust the monetary value of your life but your whole life, from the Roof over your head to the food on your table, to the love that you have in your life, Abundance shows us that by giving or by helping those less fortunate than ourselves we receive an abundance of rewards into our lives. It is time to accept those other things in your life now, when you learn to d this then the Abundance in many other ways and you will no longer see what you do not have but that which you do have that makes you truly Abundant. As you believe and have faith however then Abundance may come in Monetary value but enough to make life in this ever Material world that bit more comfortable and watch this happen as you release the stress and worry and as you become more grateful and appreciative of what you have Being a Yellow card this is about the Sacral Chakra so Allow also the power of Spirit to connect with you now, know and feel that you are watched over and looked after.

“The story behind this Card as told and shown in the picture is about a Magical Treasure chest where Gold Coins swap stories, one Gold coin tells of a Man who dropped him down a drain and instead of trying to fish him out the man cried instead of trying to get the coin out, A young however rescued the Gold coin using string and a piece of gum to fish her out. The coins remember how she saved them, along with many others and eventually bought a house, as all coins deserve to be well spent, they agree that she was indeed a wise person.”

Moral here is, really do not throw your money around or waste it foolishly, but rather respect that which you have. Money is attracted towards Gratitude and Appreciation. But this applies to all aspects of your life now.

Blessed be – Be thankful everyday for all that you have, be humble and see what wonders you have in your life.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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