Daily card – Thursday 19th August 2021

Deck Used: Chakra Wisdom Oracle – By Tori Hartman

Card Drawn: Facade

Have you been feeling that someone close or that you care dearly for is hiding something, or are you hiding something? Maybe of late you have felt that you have had to be someone you are not, putting on a Facade to ensure that others do not know you are truly feeling. Do you feel you have to be someone else in different areas of your life? There are times in all our Life when we feel we cannot be who we truly are, either with others or with ourselves, Most of the time it is because you want others to like you, or feel you have just to fit into a certain area of your life. What ever the reason you need to let go of this, and realise that you are good enough as you are, Look deep within you and see that you have even lost who you are, that your Facade has become your reality. You need to see now if this goes back to childhood? what was it you were left out of, what commitments did you have to make that took you away from having a true childhood. Is it a relationship? whats going on that you need to release and let go of.

The Facade card is telling you that it is time to discover yourself, you need to release now that which no longer serves its purpose in your life, and stops you from being your true self. This also about reconnecting with your feelings, The Yellow here in this card is representative of the Sacral Chakra, the Chakra that connects us to the energies around us, the Psychic and the spiritual. Allow yourself to reconnect with this energy, release and let go, and allow your feelings to grow with you, become your true self, allow your inner child to be free and find the Joy in your life now. Once you do this you will find yourself back on your own pathway, and be able to see clearly what it is you need to do to move forward.

The story to this as you can see in the picture is a Young boy and his Father, the By loses his father in his childhood, everyday him and his father to walking a park and see other children playing, When his Father Passed away, the young Boy became the ‘Man of the House’, when he walked in the park on his own he could no longer play, due to his commitments, as he grew older he used to hide and cry behind a tree at his lost childhood (Lost Time) – Finally when he himself before he joined he stops in the park and allows himself time to play.

The Moral here is, learn to enjoy your life and do not let Life commitments take over when they stop you being yourself. Do not regret life , do not leave it to late to enjoy what there is to offer in this life.

Be yourself and not what is expected of you by others, now is your time to be you.

Blessed be – This is your life make it your own, and shine in the light of your own Spirit.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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