Daily Card – Friday 13th August 2021

Deck Used: Moonology Oracle Cards – By Yasmin Boland

Card Drawn: Waning Moon – “What do you need to release”

The Waning moon is the period of moon phase when the moon is at the end of the full moon phase and entering the New Moon phase, a Time of one ending and a new beginning, for better or for worse it is time to release and let go of something in your life. This is also a time for you to go easier on yourself, endings of any kind can be tough and as change starts this can add to our fears or worries. What ever the situation, it is time to let go, and allow room for the new into your life, for until you let go of whatever is currently stopping you, you cannot move forward into your new phase of your life.

  • It’s safe to let go and move on
  • Move forward with as little resistance as possible
  • not a time to start a new project – wait and see where is life taking you first
  • Releasing emotional baggage is advised right now
  • All will become clearer soon, do not rush the situation

As with all endings some can be difficult and some can be easy depending on your situation and what you asking about in life to be changed. Take your time now, sit back and look and see what it is that you need to release and let go off before making decisions and moving on. There is always time, so do not rush anything at this time, as above this can be an emotional time and you need to also release this emotion. “Release it, let it go!”. Brighter days are ahead now.

Also today being Friday 13th some of you maybe tempted as unlucky, however it is only this if you allow to be so stay positive today and focused on the good, if bad does happen then remember it is no different to if it happened yesterday or tomorrow. Change the way you look at the 13th as a lucky and good day, keep focused ion the moment and dont let the little things drag you down now.

Blessed Be – You are never alone, spirit are always at your side.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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