Daily Card – Thursday 12th August 2021

Card Deck used: Moonology Oracle Cards By Yasmin Boland

Card Drawn: Blue Moon – “Believe in the impossible”

Well this week really is about having belief in what can happen for us. Today we have the Blue Moon, and as the saying goes “only once in a blue moon”, in other words hardly ever. Now is your time to believe. Something is coming your way that you thought could not happen, Life is about to bring to you that which you have most wanted, or having been hoping for. The Blue Moon shows that although something may only happen “once in a blue moon” it really can happen and now is your turn to receive. The Blue Moon is about believing that things really can happen for you, and guess what if you believe that they can’t happen then generally its not happen. If you have been enquiringly about a relationship or certain person then this is going to be a rare find.

  • Miss this chance and might not come back
  • What happened may only happen once
  • If you believe it, you can achieve it

Now is the time for action, in work this could mean that the job promotion or new job you have been chasing for so long is finally coming your way, In home life this could be that new home or move to place that you have dreamed of if finally becoming possible.

If only you believe in it, and at times that may seem really difficult but the Blue Moon is here showing you that the impossible can become possible. Reach for the stars for in this moment the time is right.

Enjoy your day and dream and believe big. The Blue Moon is around you now.

Blessed be – to see light we need only open our eyes.

Sleepingwolf – John Philips

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