Daily Card – Wednesday 11th August 2021

Deck used: The Spirit Animal Oracle – By Colette Baron – Reid

Card Drawn: Koi Fish Spirit – “There is always enough”

So today I chose (well was guided) to use my Spirit Animal Guide deck, this is a beautiful Deck and I have had some lovely readings from it, and today is no different, with the drawing of the Koi Fish Spirit.

As you go through life you will undoubtedly what or with for things to come into the lives of those around you, and as you do this, you hold back from asking for yourself, we do the same thing as we feel that the Universe or Spirit cannot possibly supply enough of this good stuff to also reach us at the same time. So in these times we sacrifice our own needs to ensure that there is enough for everyone else, sometimes this may also be own lack of confidence in ourselves, feeling that we could not possibly deserve this., “Well it is time to stop right there!” – You are just as deserving as everyone else, as the Koi Fish Spirit comes around you it is telling you that there is always enough to go around and that you deserve as mush as anyone does, so reach out to Koi Spirit and allow them to know that which you need most, remember the universe is plentiful and so is Spirit, and even if you do not get exactly what you want! know that you will receive exactly what you need.

As the book says: ” The Koi Fish who grows big within the small pond, reminds us that within each of us is the potential for prosperity. The law of abundance ensures that prosperity is our natural state, so regardless of temporary outer conditions, you can call in prosperity and magnetically attract the opportunities and abundance that you need. The Message of Koi Spirit is to begin to generate wealth within with deliberate intention, no matter how small your pond – and appreciate abundance wherever you see it. Do not underestimate what you have and who you are, for Koi Fish Spirit wants you to know that you are exquisite, loved, and deeply cherished. Trust no that outer conditions are changing to reflect that truth”.

Allow the trust and faith in Spirit to fill your very being now.

Blessed Be – Love Always

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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