Daily Card – Monday 9th August 2021

Deck: Moonology – Oracle Cards – By Yasmin Boland

Card Drawn: Full Moon in Leo – Don’t let your pride get in the way

Happy Monday everyone, today’s card is the Full Moon in Leo, Symbolized here by the Lion, the full moon is completion period, so something around is coming to an end, The Lion is a strong and confident animal, Leo energy is all about the heart, and its energy is magnificent but when combined with the rush of the Full moon energy, it can become over the top. This can lead you to allow your pride to become an obstacle to your aims and goals in life. Do you feel that you are being held back right from obtaining what you desire, then this card reminds you to let go of your ego, it is time again to turn to others and to think others during this phase of the Full moon.

Now is the time for more love and good thoughts, this will help you to your solution. It is time now to balance your needs with those needs of others, this will help you with your relationships. Remember Self esteem is good Vanity is not. Release your pride right now, still believe in yourself but do not allow your ego to take over, “Pride before a Fall” as they used to say.

Start this week with Humility, reach out and touch those around you, by showing that you are there for them as much as for yourself.

Have a wonderful week.

Blessed Be,

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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