Daily card – Friday 6th August

Today’s Card: Full Moon in Sagittarius – Look at the Bigger Picture

So as we arrive at the climax or end of the week, and a week that has been full of New beginnings or at least showing that they are coming, we Have here a full moon card which in itself means that we have reached the end or are near to the end of the current situation or part of your life, and as we have seen this Week new beginnings and change are happening all around.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius reminds you that there is big world out there and that it is time for you to have some fun, maybe even some adventure, and it all boils down to being able to see that Bigger Picture, taking a step forward now to see clearly all options that are before you. Maybe you have been fretting or over thinking a situation this can hold you back from making the change that you need. So although it is good to think things through, sometimes you do need to take that step back, then what do you see? Whats the most positive thought you can have about it? The Full Moon in Sagittarius tells you to count your blessings even if you do not have what you want yet, another reason to step back, see everything you do have and really appreciate the hear and now and how far you have come. Remember sometimes it is good to risks in our journey of life. remain open minded at this time as the universe could surprise with is coming.

  • Take time out for a mini break or adventure
  • the situation you face may have come around because you have been distracted
  • Be confident (not over confident) and win the day
  • Have you shown that you care? if not, now is the time
  • Find a balance now between speaking your mind and saying to much

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and that some of the guidance by the cards this week has been helpful. As we enter the weekend I wish you all a blessed couple of days, remember to smile and to allow yourselves to have some fun.

The Card of the day will return on Monday morning, remember to keep checking as i may post some inspired or random spiritual thoughts over the weekend. Until next time take care and may Spirit shine on you and within you always.

Blessed Be – in the path of spirit we walk.

Sleeping wolf, John Phillips

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