Card of the Day – 5th August 2021

Card Drawn – New Moon In Aquarius – Bring Love into the Situation.

What a lovely card today, Aquarius is about Moving forward, and now is the time, The New Moon in Aquarius Card means “there is no looking back”, change is on its way it can come quickly. Whether you get the change you desire depends entirely on how much you want it an dhow much you are depending on others to bring it to you. The New Moon Aquarius shows independence, so you may have to make this change independently of others. But you need to be loving and not to pragmatic. In this card you can see the water flowing freely from the water vase, Like the water bearer let, allow the energy of this card to flow freely, see your pathway clearly. Time maybe of the essence when this Card appears, so although you should you should not delay in Moving forward.

The New Moon in Aquarius also shows that there is a need to let go of the past and move forward to your future as quickly as possible, the time is right, see the glimmer of light as the moon phase changes on the card, New Moon new beginnings. It maybe time now as well to think outside to see the solution any problems that you having at this time.

Aquarius is often confused as a water sign , being that it is the Water Bearer, but its actually an Air sign, and is actually far more about Intellect than the emotional water signs. When this card appears, it is a good time to drop convention.

By bringing love of yourself into this situation, then you finally release yourself to move forward to your new beginning.

Blessed Be – Walk in the Light of Spirit, Walk in Love, not just of others but also of yourself.

Sleepingwolf, Blessed

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