Card of the Day – 4th August 202

Good Morning friends, I hope all is well, today I thought I would bring a little Angel Healing to you all, from the Card Oracle Deck ” Healing with the Angels” By Doreen Virtue.

Card Drawn: Abundance

A new Flow of support is coming for you now, It is time to ask the Angels to help you release fears of scarcity so that you may enjoy the increased abundance.

Always remember Abundance can mean much more than monetary value, it can all that you have in your life, this cards tells you that the Angels know your needs right and that whatever your needs are these will be met, whether this is Materially, physically, spiritually or emotionally. Keep your faith and watch as all you need flows into your life, accept all that you receive graciously and humility, send thanks to your Angels and guides and the Divine right for all that you already have, as you do this, your needs will be met.

An affirmation to help you stay in the flow of abundance from the Doreen Virtue book is ” I accept good graciously into my life. All of my needs are met abundantly for me now and always”

So whatever day you are having today, look towards your Angels and Guides and allow them to see the abundance in your life.

Blessed Be, walk always in the light of Love, allow the healing to begin.

Sleepingwolf, John Phillips

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