Daily Card – 3rd August 2021

Card: Full Moon In Scorpio – “Its time to release negativity”

Today’s card is very appropriate at this time, especially with all that has gone this past year, so much negativity has been allowed to build up and now is the time to let go of this, Allowing your emotions out rather than holding them in. When this card appears it is a direct voice from the universe telling you to stop worrying, stop fearing, release your negativity. If someone has been unkind to you perhaps it is time to release them from your life and let them go on their way allowing you to be free to go your own way.

This card heralds an intense time with both the sign of Scorpio and the Moon themselves are very intense, it is a time to feel all your emotions and to understand them. There could be some where there is some nastiness around them, again if this is the case it is time to move on from the situation or person that is causing this.

On a brighter note however for some this can be a transformation in your sex life and this can now improve, but you must make an effort for this magic to begin. This card tells you that you have all need inside of you to bring about the desired result.

  • Its time to move from living fearfully to living joyfully
  • you are right to have your suspicions at this time
  • Grudges are toxic let them go
  • the end of an argument.

You have all you need in this moment you just need to release that negativity from your life what ever is causing walk away, start to create the magic by filling yourself with joy.

Blessed be, walk in the light always.

Sleepingwolf – John Phillips

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