Monday 2nd August 2021 – Card of the Day

Today’s Card of the Day – Full Moon in Virgo – ‘You are good enough’

Today’s card is the Full Moon in Virgo, with this card You are told that “You are good Enough” .

The feeling with this card today is about not trusting or believing yourself and what you are capable off, for some this may even lead to a lack of confidence in dealing with other “for surely who are we to speak up to them” . You are also in a time of uncertainty which again leads to self doubt about where to go in life, what is your next move, this can lead you to more self persecution about who you are,.

The Full Moon in Virgo is here to dispel these doubts to make you face those tough questions and tells you it is time to answer yourself honestly and be true to yourself. You need to begin now to believe in yourself and know who you really are, it is good to be humble but this can also be taken to far, and this is when it becomes bad for us as we doubt and decide that we are not good enough. The Full Moon in Virgo tells once we have answered these questions then it down to put in the Hard work and pay attention to details, and this will bring the results we desire.

Worrying to much will bring more worry, be true to yourself allow yourself believe in you, by seeing what you have overcome so far in life.

Stop second guessing yourself.

The full Moon in Virgo is also a time to de clutter your life, this can also apply to the home and your office/Work. Its the time to sort whats good in your life to what is no longer serving you.

So today go with love in your heart for yourself, take a deep loo inside and remember you are better than you think are, and you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Blessed Be, may love and light surround your step.


John Phillips

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