Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

No, of course you cannot hear me, you cannot know me,

As I cannot hear you and cannot know you,

For what I hear is my soul finally merging to become one with the physical self,

Finally I feel and hear my soul singing, I feel the exuberance that is within me that which I have hampered with total negativity,

Can you hear me?

No, for what I hear is my soul guiding me and radiating the love from within me,

Can you hear me?

Not yet, for I am only releasing my love and light into this world,

One day it radiates out and touches all those who need it,

For I will send this love into the universe, to radiate, to bring love and peace to your soul,to help light the spark,

I will join all those who have awoken to themselves to their true selves,

And the power and love of spirit will shine from within for all,

Can you hear me?

No, but you hear something, it radiates from within you,

Your first contact with your true self begins,

For the light has been lit,

There is no way back now,

You now must follow the light from within,

Listen closely, be still and quiet and allow your soul, your inner being to emerge and grow,

For you too are light and love,

Feel the love around you, let it grow and merge,

From this moment, everything will change,

Can you hear me?

Yes, now you hear me, now you know me, now you understand me,

For we are all one, ever changing ever growing,

Spreading love and light wherever we go,

Do not fight just let it grow,

Do not rush, for it will come in its own time,

Enjoy every moment, enjoy every day as you start to see and feel things so differently,

For the love of our own self is one of the greatest lessons we can learn,

To love ourselves we need to listen, we need to hear our inner self, our soul,

Listen carefully, its there in all of us, we just have to listen.

Now you know, Now you truly feel, Now you truly are you.

Blessed be xx

John Phillips – 19th February 2021

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