Daily Card – 31st July 2020

Card Drawn – Third Quarter Moon – Adjustments are required

Yes you are nearly there, this part of your journey is nearing its conclusion as we reach the third quarter moon. Whether this has been a good or bad time there is a light at the end of the tunnel as we enter this phase. I feel very strongly here that people who have been ill of late need to be looking at certain of health and diet at the moment , with this card showing need for adjustments.

For some you of you today you really need to release that negative energy that is holding you back, try to see today what it is and let if go into the ether, as only when you do this can you truly move forward, you need to see tat you cannot take this with you. Releasing of past events is essential as you move into this period of your life. be aware of a crisis around at the moment as well that will also remind of you what you want and what it is you need to let go off.

If things have not been going your way now is the time to re evaluate your plans also, the doors open for us only when we start to listen and see where it is that the universe is trying to lead you.

The great news is that something New and Exciting is on its way, and you will get there just be patient and allow time. Now is the time to follow your inner self allow doubts and fears to slip away, see what you have achieved already in life and see where you want to be.

” no matter when this card is drawn the teaching is to release and have faith” – Yasmin Boland – Moonology Oracle

Love and Light friends

Blessed be xx

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