Daily Card – 30th July 2020

Card drawn – Balsamic Moon – A time for healing

Today the Moon cards are saying that it is now a time to heal before making your next forward, ensure that you are totally healed and dealt with what needs dealing with, do not paper over the cracks or simply pretend that all is ok.

The Balsamic moon is the period before the new moon begins and new starts are near now. Let go of the past, and as above take the time you need to heal and release all that you are holding in. You need to remind yourself today that anything is possible and to continue to believe in your dreams.

The balsamic Moons is a time to surrender to the universe and allow the guidance you need to come from the universe.

You also need to be a little bit kinder to yourself, stop beating yourself up and begin so hard on yourself, everything is as it should be, just allow the time to heal and you will begin to see the change you need start to happen.

The significance really here today is to Heal, in all ways that are needed, not just physically.

May the light of the divine shine upon you today as you take this time for yourself.

Blessed be xx

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