Daily Card – 27th July 2020

Firstly please accept my apologies for no post on Friday, My daily work has been keeping more than busy his last week. I look forward to delivering your daily cards this week, and hope that you are safe and well. So here is today’s card:

Card drawn: Full Moon in Leo – Don’t let pride get in the way!

Today you need to ask yourself has your pride been getting in the way of where you want to be and what you want to achieve, The Full moon in Leo shows that pride can become an obstacle, and that you need to ask yourself are you making choices based on ego or from your heart?

The decisions we make should always come from our heart and not from a place of Ego or pride, this card is telling you that you must take this time to find balance between your needs and the needs of others, by working in Ego we tend to neglect the bigger picture and the needs of those who maybe need us at this time.

If you are currently feeling in a deadlock in a situation in your life whether this be personal or work related then it is time to add more Love and thought to resolve this dilemma.

Today is a day to be confident but to not allow this confidence to turn to Ego or vanity, you can achieve what you need, just by recognizing your own ability and power in this matter.

For those of you with creative talents then today is a good day to work on your creativity, you maybe surprised by what you achieve today.

“Be Magnificent, without being plain to much” – Yasmin Boland – Author Moonology Oracle

May this new day be one of love and happiness.

Blessed be xx

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