Daily Card – 23rd July 2020

Well I thought I would go with a different card deck today, and I have been guided to use my Mah Jong deck, these are cards based in the Ancient Chinese Game, which also became used to tell ones fortunes. (Deck – Mah Jong The Oracle and Game by Derek Walters)

Card drawn – 2 – Duck

Description – The Chinese believed that a Pair of Ducks remained together for life so the symbolism here is a long and enduring partnership. It is the ideal response to anyone inquiring about their romantic relationships and in business it represents a strong partnership.

I actually had this card in my mind before drawing it from my shuffled pack today, and felt drawn to the fact that somewhere questions in regards to either a current or new relationship are being asked. The drawing of the duck is almost always a positive sign in any relationship but in a full reading would be dependent on other cards drawn in the reading.

My feeling here is that for those who are currently not involved or maybe have recently met someone new that the Ducks are showing that a strong and lasting relationship can develop if given a chance.

For those who are single then the Duck shows that a new relationship is imminent, but I would stress at this time do not go looking for this allow this to happen in its own time, I have a strong feeling of a need to rush, an almost overwhelming feeling of time being an issue, but i need to stress to slow down and allow this to come to you, it is on its way and as the old saying ” Good things come to those who wait” .

For those of you already in a relationship then, I would say now is the time to look deeper at what you have, maybe now is not the time to make any rash decisions, the duck shows a strong and enduring relationship, and maybe other things are being allowed to get in the way at the moment.

In business or work related matters I want to say to you, now is a good time to be looking at forming a new partnership, follow your gut and you cannot go wrong here.

Today I want to say is day of relationships forming and creating new bonds whether that be of a romantic nature or business related.

No matter what you do today, do it with an open heart and remember you have time, and there is no need to rush anything, keep your eyes open and trust your instincts.

Blessed be xx

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