Daily Card – 22nd July 2020

Card – New Moon in Aquarius – Bring love into the situation

The cards are really concerning new starts this week, and maybe this is after the current situation in the world that people are looking more closely at their lives and how they can change them.

This card is particularly significant in that it indicates changes to be made, but without help of others you must do this of your own back, however, the card does show that it is whom you know and not what you know that matters right now.

This card is the Aquarius card the water bearer and one of the Air signs, the cards shows the water bearer and water flowing from her jar, this gives me strong feeling of flowing energy around you at the moment that you need to tap into, feel the change in the air with this card. This card also show that it is time to drop convention, think outside of the box, but with all things but especially with this card any decisions you make now make with love and not through fear. Allow the love in and see the how different these changes can really be that are happening around you.

Look to your future as this is the a new chapter the New Moon is always about change and new beginnings in life and this is real period of change.

“bring Love into the situation by firstly loving yourself, then see the change around you and what you can attract”.

Blessed be Friends I wish you all an amazing day today as you look towards the future with an open mind and heart full of love.

Blessed be xx

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