Daily Card – 21st July 2020

Card – New Moon in Virgo – A time to give rather than take

So the card is a New moon card which always reveals new starts or beginnings , new chapters. With the new moon in Virgo the Moon is telling you today that time for thinking and that you now need to take stock and that it is time for a new start. Where are you now?, where are you at? these are the questions that this card gives right now with life. Your new start does not have to be difficult, and this card is telling you to make it smart but simple right now.

I feel for some of you right now you have been wandering how to achieve new things in life and as the New Moon in Virgo shows this is about giving of ourselves, for as we give out of ourselves the universe naturally gives back to us that which we need and even desire or want, For those of you who have been ill of late this cards shows that your health is now on an up, and that recovery is seen with this card being drawn.

It is time for some today to be thinking of Healthier living, alternative lifestyles, new ways of eating, bringing these into your daily lives as new routines in your life.

Today is also a day of being grounded, taking your head of the clouds and finding the stability that the day has to offer you.

For those of you who today are wandering about new person in your life then this card reveals them to be a person you can rely upon, so why not dip your toe into this new relationship, this could even be a working relationship not just a romantic one.

No matter how you awoke this morning, then today is about the belief in your ability to move your life forward in a totally new way.

“Reach for the stars for sometimes they are closer than you think” – John Phillips

Blessed be friends xx

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