Daily Card – 20th July 2020

Card – Disseminating Moon – Take Time to Breathe out.

Well this card I feel is very apt at this moment time for most after the previous few months of uncertainty and the changes that have been happening for a lot of people this year. This card is the phase of the moon as it leaves the full moon cycle, and it is a time to relax and calm yourself, a time to let go of all that has been happening especially when the changes have affected you on a personal level. The intensity of the full moon phase is over and you need to now re group and allow yourself time to take in all that has been happening good or bad. Even if events have not been good of late I feel with this card that you should now be taking this time to recognize just how you have survived and come through this period and the effects that this has had on you and also the changes that can now take place in your life.

As the card says “Take Time out to breathe”, with this card you should now know where you stand or will do very soon with a certain situation in your life at this moment. Even consider taking some time away for yourself even if this is just a walk into nature make it a moment just for you today.

Avoid making any decisions today, today is about learning from your experiences, this is also a day to share some of your wisdom with someone who really needs some advice and guidance.

Whatever you decide today make it a time to really let go and relax, take that big sigh of relief, and do something especially for you.

May the light of the moon shine upon you today.

Blessed be xx

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