Daily Card – 16th July 2020

Card Drawn: North Node – Step out of your comfort zone

The North Node is where the moon enters the northern most hemisphere, this is karmic point a time when you can find the answers to your questions, see what we need to do and where we need to go, to find happiness and satisfaction and fulfilment.

On drawing this card I feel strongly that a lot has been happening of late around you, changes have been going on in your life and I feel many of these changes have been out of your control. The North Node is telling you that you are heading in the right direction, you need to stop being worried and afraid for what is to come and where you are going. For many of of you of late you have been seeking your way and wanting to fulfill your true life purpose, maybe its our dreams or wishes for our life that make us afraid of how we are going to achieve these, well today is the day to step out of this fear, to achieve our dreams and desires we need to set aside our fears and worries, we need to be bold and strong and “Step out of our comfort zone”, it is all to easy in life to stay where we are, as even though it may not be what we want or need, it at least feels safe and secure we know this place and time, it is like an old friend that comforts us, but this is what holds us back from our goals.

It is time to stop depending on others and stand on your own two feet, let go of the past, the North Node card comes to day to tell you that something good is happening around and this may lead you to your destiny.

Change can always be difficult to accept, but we need to embrace it to allow ourselves to grow. Know that by stepping out of your comfort zone you are heading in the right direction.

Blessed be xx

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