Daily Card – 15th July 2020

Card: Full Moon Eclipse – Conclusions are within reach

This card is a particularly beautiful one, showing the moon peeking through the trees, I see this as you coming through a difficult time, the full moon shows us the end of one phase of our lives the darker colours on the moon clearing away as the beautiful colours of Spirit and the universe come through on the lower edges.

This card does highlight doors now slamming closed on us and these will not be re-opened, I feel here I need to say: “so no turning back leave the past where it belongs”.

This is your current situation reaching its peak, and this now leaves matters out of your control, this is now the time to let matters run there course, this also lets you experience what your soul signed up for in this lifetime. It is time to let go of someone or something and no matter how difficult this maybe just know that this is the right thing to do. In a difficult situation finding forgiveness for someone may well be the best thing to resolve matters right now. it is time to release yourself so as you can move on.

Soto day is the day to get back track, the full moon eclipse makes the energy of this card even more powerful, as the card suggests events are at their conclusion now and this full moon energy is really going to shake things up for you.

We all fear change and this can only hold us back from our true life paths this card is releasing control and letting yourself be guided today to this path.

Life will always find its way to bring us back to where we belong, embrace this change and move forwards to your true life path.

No matter what happens today, remember this is a day of change, embrace and love the change.

Mantra to attune to Moon:

“That which is meant for me will not pass me by” – Yasmin Boland

Wishing you all love, peace and happiness today.

Blessed be Friends xx

Love and Light forever

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