Daily Card – 14th July 2020

Card: Full Moon in Sagittarius – Look at the bigger picture,

So the card I have been drawn to today is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, this card is all about spending to much time thinking about things and not making decisions, maybe fretting over the situation just that bit too much. Now is not the moment to waste time as you are coming to an end of one cycle, and a New cycle or phase is just within reach, and fretting over this will only delay you and hold you back.

This card being a Sagittarius Moon means that this can be a very intense time, with this card being one of the fire signs, it is time to step back and look at the bigger picture, look at all the options with new eyes and see from a distance the bigger things that the universe is offering you right now, as when we spend to much time thinking and fretting over a situation this becomes counter productive. Count your blessings right now and keep an open mind as the universe may surprise you. Be confident but not over confident do not loose yourself within your own Ego.

The Full moon in Sagittarius is also telling me that it is time for new adventures and what a time to take a step out of your comfort zone. This can be a great time now for a mini break also. Seek and you will find comes to mind with this card.

As I meditated last night and I saw this Card I was drawn to one of you who at this Moment is contemplating a move, yet you seem to be unsure as to why you really want to move as when you think about this you see that you really are happy with your current circumstances and position in life. This is where you really need to sit quietly think about the bigger picture as shown in this card, ask yourself where the need to move is coming from? what is the most positive thing that could come from moving? also see if this need is your gut instincts telling you that it is time, when we know this is our gut instinct then this can often be the universe opening up to us and letting us know that something new is coming for us and that it is us that must make that vital decision one way or another.

I wish you all well friends wherever this new phase may take you.

Blessed be xx

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