Card of the Day – July 13th 2020

Cardinal Moon – Be Bold and Make the First Move

This is the time for you to be strong and take lead in your life. The cardinal moon is a sign of power and taking charge of great organisation and of being determined.

It is now time for you to be all these things, there is nothing holding you back but yourself, so now you need to take control of things to ensure the result the you most desire, you must be strong and not allow yourself to be led by others, however you must ensure not to be reckless or rush things, you know what you must do so take your time and ensure things are going to go the way you want them to. This may even mean that it is time to step out of your comfort zone, the Cardinal Moon being one of the Special Moons suggests that we can expect the unexpected, something happening that stands out to us.

Maybe some of you have been holding back, be this in a relationship or work situation, this card is telling you now to take control, remember only you can change that which you feel unhappy with or make those first steps to create the life that you now want. This card also suggests to be bold and follow your heart and emotions.

Take charge of your destiny.

Blessed be xx

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