Daily Cards are arriving on Monday 13th July

So as promised I am now ready to start posting my daily card reading from my Moonology Oracle Card set, these cards are made by a Lady called Yasmin Boland. These cards are a beautiful set and i am enjoying very much working with them as I practice and get my energies use to working with them.

The Moon plays an essential part in all our lives whether we notice this or not, these cards based on the phases of the moon give an amazing insight into the current events controlling our lives.

I cannot wait to share these with you on a daily basis, I May also throw in the Occasional Mah Jong card to keep things a little more interesting and will explain a little more on these another time.

So watch out for the very first Card coming up on Monday 13th July 2020, and what an amazing date to start :).

I will also be bringing these into mainstream use, hopefully really soon, I just need to work with them a little more so as I can pass on their message as clearly as possible to my sitters. More news on these readings very soon.

Blessed be friends xx

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