The Path

I started walking along my path and I stumbled on a small stone, you were there to help me to stand again and move forward.

I continued to walk along the path and as I walked I tripped on a Rock, grazed and dismayed I knew I had to stand up and continue onward, you were there again to help me get back onto my feet.

Th path was long and I continued to walk forwards learning and experiencing new things, I found my path blocked by a Boulder, and a new path led of in a new direction, I took this path and for a while it seemed it all OK, but I found my way back at the boulder, I pushed forward this time even though I could go around the boulder and I climbed over the boulder, again you were there with me throughout every step as I made it over to the other side.

Finally I came upon a mountain, with no way around and feeling the strength of your love I started to climb, meeting each challenge as it came as I searched to find the Path. each time I weakened I felt you push me onward. I made it over the mountain and found you there waiting for me, showing me a new path that lay ahead, and even though I knew and understood now that there would always be Stones, rocks, boulders and mountains to climb, that with you at my side I will always find my way.

The true Path whilst long and hard can always be re-found, for we all have spirit at our sides urging us forwards.

Face all that comes your way with strength, love, and faith, and know, that no matter what life puts in your path you can always make it through.

Blesses be xx

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